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bridal jewelry sets and costume bridal jewelry and accessories. If you have to choose one gift for all people, make it jewelry. (It has much better pawn value than chocolate, a close second) Many appreciative brides will present their bridesmaids with a necklace or some earrings to be worn at the wedding and then to take home as a personal gift. It's a great way to say thank you. So how do does a bride go about choosing bridesmaid jewelry? In essence, she must choose according to the same criteria as she chooses jewelry for her own wedding dress.

If the bridesmaids are wearing any hair accessories then earrings should complement the style. First and foremost make sure all of your bridesmaids have pierced ears. If one of them doesn't, then you don't have to beg her to undergo all that pain. (Though it's your personal choice.) Rather, simply order some clip on earrings.

When choosing necklaces remember to take into account the bridesmaids' necklines. If the neckline is too high or too narrow for a necklace then the bridesmaid might consider going without one, and simply wearing earrings and bracelets. If the dress is elaborate, then it might be necessary to downplay any more jewelry. On the other hand, a simple dress might look even better with a necklace. Not all your bridesmaids will have the same neck size and so some necklaces might need to be lengthened. You could purchase a detachable extender, which attaches to the original necklace, and can lengthen the chain from to three inches, though some can be set longer. Chains also come in pearl or rhinestone.

Other Pieces
When you're deciding upon jewelry for your bridesmaids' attire, think about adding a colored piece of jewelry that matches the color of the dress. Having colored crystals and rhinestones in the same color can really pull an entire outfit together. The dress also dictates whether you use gold or silver plating.

The Maid Of Honor
Sometimes the bride gives the Maid of Honor a special piece of jewelry, as she holds a special responsibility. The jewelry is purposely elaborate to distinguish her from the other bridesmaids. But regardless of how big and shiny the gem is, everybody loves the gift of jewelry.

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