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Confused about how to go about planning your wedding jewelry? It's simple, really. It's just a matter of being, why yes, simple. For the most part, when accessorizing your wedding, you must have all aspects of the wedding come together in harmony. The dress, the jewelry, the accessories, as well as the theme of the wedding are all considered. If you're looking for specific ideas in addition to the golden keep it simple rule, then consider these five bright ideas.

1. Light Color
Dark colors always come up short when compared to flowing white dresses. So consider wearing lighter colors like aquamarine, topaz or citrine. They go well with all things white.

2. Cover The Wrists
Wearing plain white gloves or just going barehanded might seem a little colorless. Try splashing some sparkles in by wearing a tennis bracelet over regular white gloves or a rhinestone cuff over your wrist. Wear similar medals so that your jewelry doesn't clash. Too many pieces of gold, silver or other metals and you'll be looking like a pirate's damsel.

swarovski crystal bridal jewelry set.
3. Mix And Match
Try and match the gemstones in your dress and headpiece with your jewelry. This creates consistency and avoids uneven color mixes. Pearls go well with beads and diamonds or maybe zirconia can go with sequins and crystals.

4. Let Your Dress Decide
Choose your jewelry according to the cut of your dress. For example, a choker with pearls or rhinestones goes well with a strapless bodice. On the other hand, a diamond solitaire complements a V neckline.

5. The Family Jewels
Working jewels and precious heirlooms of family members into your bridal look is a great touch. Wearing a cherished heirloom during the wedding bonds families together, impresses upon everyone the magnitude of the occasion, and brings a touch of elegance to the evening. These jewelry pieces could be anything from a grandmother's pearls to an aunt's diamond earrings or a charm mother's bracelet. It's the thought behind the external beauty that truly makes this look glow.
As long as you keep the jewelry selection conservative and have an eye for color, your wedding will be remembered as a dignified and wonderful day. Choose something too visually aggressive and the day may haunt you for years to come.

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