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wedding favor accessory, bride accessories, and fashion jewelry. Nothing sours a wedding photograph of a beautiful bride with a face of discomfort and a dress that just isn't quite right. Consider four tips on looking and feeling good on the day of your wedding day.

1. Stand Up Straight
Wedding dresses were made to accentuate the poised female body. Hunching over and carrying a timid posture only causes waistline wrinkles, pulled sleeves and a skirt that hangs unnaturally. Don't get the impression though that a bride to be should carry a man-like posture. This isn't a head up, shoulders back, chest out drill. It is a feminine posture of elegance. Instead imagine a straight line, from the top of your head down to your feet that passes through the neck, shoulder, waist, hip knee and foot. Another illustration would be to imagine your body as a series of connected pedestals, one resting above the one below. Carrying a lady like countenance and posture is important on the day of your wedding. It makes you look better, appears more confident, and is even more comfortable in the long run.

2. Carry An Extra Set
Of backup grooms? No, more like flat shoes. No bride wants to be running around in high heels all afternoon. Bring some flat shoes with you so all that pacing won't do a number on your feet. Also, be sure and designate someone to remind you to put your heels back on for the wedding ceremony itself, as snide comments about your shoes will compromise an otherwise flawless event.

3. Don't Let Your Guard Down
Not only is locking your knees not becoming of a bride, it also gets physically uncomfortable after a period of times. Additionally, slumping over in a chair also looks bad in photographs, so try and sit at the front of the chair rather than all the way back. This makes you naturally sit up straight.

4. Arrive Early!
What's worse, really? To be chatting with friends a bit overdressed for an hour or two, or frantically running around and the last minute, keeping your guests waiting and tripping over your own heels? When planning a wedding it's always better to get there ahead of time. This allows you to relax and to better prepare for any last minute emergencies. Timing your wedding too close can be disastrous.

Remember to look your best and feel even better on the most important day of you life.

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