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Four Quick Steps for the Perfect Wedding. Now is the hard part...making the marriage work. Oh wait, you must be talking about wedding dresses. Indeed, wedding dresses and a lavish ceremony enhances an already beautiful occasion. Now let's go down a run through of what happens after the engagement is official, from the beginning to the end.

First Step
A giggle, a kiss, all is well that ends well. After your engagement is finalized and a date is set you can began shopping for a wedding dress. If you're looking for a designer wedding dress, then know that these items have to be specially ordered and can take 3-6 months to arrive. Custom made gowns will require 6 months time at least, so order well in advance of the wedding day. You must factor in time for fitting, alterations and coordination.

Second Step
Shopping in person for a wedding dress is a good idea and one that will require patience. Try not to visit too many bridal stores in one day. Otherwise, the first two or three dresses you try on will look wonderful, and the last five or so will all look alike. It's best to choose wedding dresses when you're fresh and enthusiastic to all the little details. A bridal consultant may offer professional advice; listen to it, as bridal consultants enjoy this kind of happy occasion all the time and know what's best. They pay careful attention to figure type, personality and work within your budget. Smart thinking brides bring along a family member or close friend as a second opinion to the bridal consultant. It helps for a more balanced end-result.

Purchasing A Dress
There are many ways to purchase a dress and not all of them will suit you. Each will have their advantages and disadvantages. There are full service bridal stores, which can be pricey, warehouses, which could give you a dress that doesn't quite fit, and Internet bridal stores, which may skimp on quality. However, if you take precautions, ask pointed questions and evaluate your dress carefully you should be able to find a good deal. A sales contract will then be made, and you will select your size.

Final Step
The day of the wedding, your bridal dress fits perfectly and you are enjoying the first day of the rest of your life. Try not to get any cake on that wonderful dress!

I Said Yes...Now What? - Four Quick Steps for the Perfect Wedding
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