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indian bridal jewelry. Buy cheap wedding jewelry? Are you nuts? How could a person even suggest the notion? A wedding day is a beautiful occasion. Yes, this much is agreed. You know you're going to spend $15,000.00 on the wedding anyway, so you might as well buy the best of the best. The only problem is, if you really want to buy the best jewelry available then you might have to add another $15,000.00 to your wedding bill. Now that got your attention.

Indeed, wedding jewelry can be cheap. It can also be affordable and cute. Finally, it can be elegant and flawless. But new necklaces from a department store—or even an online store—can cost well over a thousand dollars—even as much as $15,000.00 for a diamond necklace.

How About Bracelets?
How about gold bracelets? Seems like a reasonable request. However, a pair of gold bracelets can cost $5,000.00 if purchased brand new from a department store. If that sounds like too much maybe you should stick with a silver selection: just $700.00 plus tax.

How About Earrings?
Whenever someone gives you some good advice like skimp on wedding jewelry, listen to them. Because buying some earrings brand new in a department store can cost you well over $2,000.00. That is of course, provided that you don't want something excessively expensive like diamonds or diamond sunburst earrings, which go for nearly $7,000.00. You can always think cheap and buy some sterling silver earrings for less than $300.00.

Then there are wedding bands. Provided that you budgeted all the other wedding jewelry and can afford to spend a little bit more on the wedding rings, there are some discounted “affordable rings” available at departments stores for as low as $2,000.00. After all, not everyone can afford a luxurious and exotic diamond ring worth another fifteen grand.

Save Your Money For What Truly Sparkles
Yes, there is your “love.” However, we're thinking more along the lines of the wedding itself. The wedding dress can easily cost over $7,000.00. Renting a reception room, hiring a caterer and that tasty wedding cake can also bring your total costs soaring into the thousands. In conclusion, whether you are skimping in order to save up money for your future, or simply to enjoy an exotic honeymoon, remember that every dollar saved is a dollar you could spend somewhere else. So the only way you ever really lose money is if you lose that $15,000 necklace.

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