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dress preservation, wedding gown preservation restoration. When you're planning your bridesmaid dresses, you have to keep your own wedding in mind. More than likely, your friends are willing to sacrifice their own personal preferences in order to wear the dress and contribute to the vision you see. The bridesmaid gowns must be complementary to the bride as well as the chosen theme. Here are some other facts having to do with bridesmaid dresses of which you could take note.

What Do I Do First?
After choose the right dress, the next step is to have all the bridesmaids professionally measured. From there on, you can cross-reference them with the size chart for the chosen manufacturer. This will make sure the size that is closest to their figure will be ordered. Each designer uses a different size of chart, so you will need to pay close attention and take down the specific measuring information.

How Do I Find A Good Price?
When you shop at retail stores or bridal salons you are paying for the store's overhead; in other words, full price. Even the special sales have to make a profit. Online companies, while they are out to make money, make their money off of the merchandise sold with a minimal amount of expenses in comparison. Online bridal vendors can afford to give a big discount while big retail stores can only advertise it. One more advantage of online shopping is that you can mail the dress to each bridesmaid individually. Online vendors offer detailed previews of their services and can usually give you a price quote within a day or so.

How Far In Advance Do You Order?
Because manufacturers are always adding and discontinuing dress styles it is recommended that you order your bridesmaid dresses as soon as you decide on a design. Different manufacturers have different schedules, but as a general rule you should order early enough to allow for alternations. At least a month in advance is shred thinking. When ordering, always try and order your dresses at once. Ordering several at a time but not the whole order increases the possibility of a fabric dye-lot problem. In the worst case scenario, some dresses will be slightly different colors than the rest. You should also allow for a second and third fitting and arrange time for emergency reorders. Finding out there's a fitting problem the week of the wedding is very bad timing.

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