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cleaning kits are great for preserving wedding jewelry for many years to come. How should you go about cleaning your wedding jewelry? First, why would you want to? Most likely you're not planning on having another couple of weddings over the next decade. Wedding jewelry is often reused; not only for anniversary dinners and such, but more couples are starting to use their subtle and sophisticated wedding jewelry for regular formal occasions. Therefore, since you might not go out to a five star restaurant every day, there's a chance the jewelry could get dusty just sitting in a box. Or for another example, you may be borrowing a piece of jewelry or a ring from a family member. Perhaps it has been a few years since it has been cleaned. If you want to keep your jewelry shiny for the wedding day follow these pointers.

Different Cleaning Processes
Some pieces are easily washable while others might require special treatment. It usually depends on the type of material the jewelry is made from as well as the workmanship of the piece. The more complex and valuable the piece, the more you must be careful with it.

Commercial Cleaning Solutions
Obviously, there are many commercial liquids available on the market, and in most cases these products can be used to clean jewelry. However, there are some notable exceptions. If the product contains ammonia then it can damage cultured pearls and other forms of delicate materials. If the product contains bleach, then it can damage gold alloys. Therefore, the safe choice would be to select jewelry cleaner without any harmful substances.

Milder Forms Of Cleaning
Most wedding jewelry can be cleaned by using soapy water (not too cold or scalding) and a soft brush. A few drops of mild bleach-free detergent is acceptable mixed with warm water. However, totally soaking glued pearl or gemstones or rhinestone jewelry could be a risk. When you are finished cleaning dry off the jewelry with a soft cloth, not too vigorously.

Your wedding jewelry can last for generations! But you must properly clean and care for your jewelry collection and treat it like the sentimental treasure that it is.

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