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wearing wedding jewelry and storing it for the future.
Do people really need tips on wearing wedding jewelry? You pull it on and then off. If a ring gets stuck on your finger, wash your hands. Seems easy enough. But this article is specifically about wearing and storing your wedding jewelry in a way that will protect the merchandise. If you're too rough with your jewelry collection you could damage the items, which is a sentimental no-no. Consider a few tips on how to handle and protect wedding necklaces, tiaras, rings, bracelets and other bridal accessories.

How Jewelry Is Stored
You will notice that jewelry is always packaged soft little sacks, boxes or zip-lock plastic bags with plenty of tissue keeping it nice and snug. Why so? Are some people simply passionate about making these tiny bags and boxes and choose to devote their life to miniature packaging? Well, perhaps. But more importantly, these steps are required if your jewelry is to be safe while transporting. You can't do place a bunch of items on top of each other in a large bag or purse. They will clank against each other and eventually become scratched. Jewelry is made to rest against the skin of a person, not other pieces of jewelry. So always make sure that they are bundled separately when you move them.

Know When To Remove Your Jewelry
Any form of vigorous activity is dangerous to a perfect piece of jewelry. This includes all sorts of activities from heavy household chores, playing sports, taking a tip in a pool (that water contains chlorine) and even whatever vigorous activity couples do on their honeymoon (like roller blading). Jewelry is not strong enough to endure all of these physical trials, so removing your jewelry beforehand is important.

Pay only what you can afford. If you must spend more money, then opt for a bigger wedding cake. Now that will really impress your guests.

Make Up, Perfume And Hairspray
Not all female merchandise gets along, and jewelry is so vain that is easily affected and even damaged by all of these wedding essentials. Chemicals in make up, hairspray and perfume can damage wedding jewelry when being directly applied to them. Relax, this doesn't mean you have to have a beach wedding. It's simply a good idea to put your make up, hairspray and perfume on first. Then after all those chemicals settle, put your wedding jewelry on. This will prevent any items from being directly sprayed. Wearing your wedding jewelry is easy and so is taking care of the items, and all it takes is a little common sense.

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