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Don't repeat these wedding horror stories. Everybody loves a good horror story. Well these wedding dress horror stories really happened, and hearing them will make you shriek! But more importantly, these stories will teach you to be careful in planning your wedding day and specifically in selecting your wedding dress.

The Tale Of The Jilted Bride
This bride to be from Seattle felt that she bonded with the bridal store of her choice and agreed to a verbal contract over the selected dress. A receipt was collected and put somewhere in her purse. Months later and just days before the wedding, there are problems with the wedding dress. Upon returning to the store, this jilted bride met up with the owner of the bridal store, who said ominously "no receipt, no return." Yes, the moral of the story is to always keep your receipts, collect a sales contract and take all precautions necessary to ensure your dress stays in perfect condition up until the day after the wedding.

The Tale Of The Dumb Bridal Staff
Scary but true. There have been many stores and warehouses with dangerously uneducated staff members-from bridal consultants, to salespeople, to seamstresses. One bride to be from Detroit was shocked to discover that the store's sales personnel didn't know anything about size choices, while the seamstress giggled that this was her first time in measuring someone. "What's the difference between a body measurement and garment measurement?" the seamstress asked the woman by the cash register. Don't let this happen to you. Make sure you're dealing with professionals who know what they're doing and don't take chances with your once in a lifetime wedding day.

The Tale Of The Lost Deposit
One bride to be from Palm Springs decided that she liked a particular wedding dress in the bridal store of her choice. After placing an order and delivering a 1/3 nonrefundable deposit, she did some surfing online and discovered that the dress she ordered from the company might possibly be from stock rather than specially made. She went back to the store, seeing red, and then was told that it was a stock dress and that her deposit was nonrefundable. When she asked for more information on the store's policies, the manufacturer of the dress, and its current whereabouts, the personnel declared ominously, "That's private information." Before adding "no receipt, no return," which just added insult to injury. Lesson learned: do all of your research before making a deposit regardless of contract. Once you make a deposit that money is as good as spent, regardless of any unexpected horror stories.

Make sure the bridal store your dealing with is honest, educated and dedicated to work with you, long before giving any money away.

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