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How much does a wedding gown cost?  It depends. Few things in life are cheap. Many things in life are priceless. Wedding gowns are expensive. Indeed, purchasing a brand new wedding gown can be pricey. Designer dresses can run up to $6000.00, with extra charges for custom fitting. Before deciding on whether or not to buy a new wedding dress, consider a few important questions.

1. Can I afford to lose this money?

2. What else will I use the dress for? Will I lend it to others or merely keep it as a family heirloom?

3. Will I take care of the dress, regularly preserving it and treating it for color and texture?

Of course, not all wedding dresses are going to cost you thousands of dollars. You can find a new wedding dress as a low cost, it's just a matter of searching out bridal stores, checking the local newspaper and visiting Internet stores for a good deal. Some online vendors claim they can discount new dresses up to 80% off and for as low as $300.00. However, always be skeptical about any deal until you have done a thorough investigation of the dress and the company.

Used Dresses
Many brides to be are practical thinkers and would rather save their money, and enjoy a more luxurious honeymoon rather than spend their entire budget on the perfect wedding dress. You can buy a used but still beautiful wedding dress at consignment stores or even thrift shops. Consignment stores will give you a good deal and guarantee a quality product (they don't accept damaged dresses) for as low as $500.00-$1000.00 dollars. Thrift stores won't guarantee a perfect product but they will give a significantly lower price, perhaps about $100.00 give or take. These products might be dirty or even damaged-however they could still be repairable. Perhaps all the dress needs is a trip to an experienced dry cleaner.

Renting A Dress
This is not as cheap as it sounds. Rentals of quality wedding dresses can easily be priced $300.00-$1000.00. However, it is a money-saving option if you rent a package deal, which would include the dress as well as head veils, jewelry, lingerie, hose and other fittings. You're not renting a $1000.00 dress-you're most likely renting a $5000.00 dress for a small price in comparison.

No matter your preference, it will cost good money one way or the other. The recommended choice depends upon your budgeting. If you're going to spend over $500.00 then look for a dress at a consignment store or an Internet auction and go ahead and keep the item you're paying so much for.

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